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  XTracker is Vigiboss's web-based resource tracking system used to manage requirements, resources, work items. It automate the work flow process for tracking and managing requirements, resources and work items.

XTracker help resource managers, business owners to automate the recruitment process and provide traceability between requirements and resources at all stages until closure of each requirement. It can be used to store the requirement and resource information and track their progress as the resource progress in various stages until their closure.
  Vigiboss offers implementation, training and support services to ensure that it meet your organization needs and customize the workflows as necessary.

Implementation Services Get up and running fast with Vigiboss services incuding any customizations as per the organizational requirements, delivered by our experienced team of experts.
Training ServicesTake advantage of simple, accessible training options with tutorials, online help and presentations, led by Vigiboss team of experts.

Support Services Choose your support level from our certified representatives; and you'll always have access to our interactive help system, user guide and online tutorials.
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Requirements Management
  Track and manage requirements as per the customer's specific needs and match potential resources by keeping the owners in the loop to manage them effectively.

Workflow Automation
  Customize or use the out-of-box workflows for tracking and managing requirements, resources and work items.

Resource Management
  Track, manage all resources and their contact information, industry skills, employment status, industry experience, assessment history, and other related information to be able to automatically determine any possible match to any available requirements.

Work Item Management
  Track, manage all work items based on the work flow defined by keeping the owners in the loop with clearly defined ownership.

Reports and Dashboard
  Provide out of the box and custom reports of key metrics through intuitive graphs, tabular data and custom reports. Dashboard provides the user specific metrics at a glance to track overall progress.

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