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Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions As a technology partner, we focus on all of the business and technology needs of your practice. As the leading practice management software vendor, we can help your practice streamline your medical billing, electronic medical records software, medical transcriptions and technology needs.

IT Staffing Solutions

IT Staffing Solutions The mission of Vigiboss’s Staffing Solutions is to be a leading full-service global supplier of workforce procurement solutions, and our vision is building a brand based on integrity, reliability, quality and professionalism and be the best supplier with right talent to meet client’s requirements.

Web Design Services

Web Design Services Whether you are starting your new business, want to put your existing organization on the web, or enhance your company’s current web presence, Vigiboss provides practical and cost efficient solutions for your requirements.
  IT Shared Services
IT Shared Services We understand that most small to mid-size Organizations may not have an established IT staffing infrastructure. Many HR departments are limited in the amount of resources that can be dedicated to professional staffing. The building of such infrastructure can require a lot of time, often at the cost of market opportunities and competitive advantage. This is why Vigiboss offers a turnkey comprehensive IT shared services which includes proven project management.
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